You have 2 options to do this.


First option is to create a sell or buy order


1. Go to Orders tab

2. Select to BUY or SELL

3. Select the amount of BYC or BTC

4. You will get displayed the current market price for the order in EUR

5. You can change the EUR amount you want to buy/sell for

6. Your total cost including fees are displayed.

7. Click Place Order


If the order is within the spread of 10% of the current exchange rate of the digital currency your order will be successfully placed. If the spread is above or under the 10% spread price, the order cannot be placed.


Second option is to choose open orders in SELL or BUY tab in the order list directly. Click “buy” or “sell” and complete the order.


You are not allowed to trade if you have 


1. Not completed your full KYC and AML onboarding

2. Not have linked your bank account

3. Have reached your trading limits